Chirri & Chirra?


I rode with Kathy this evening. It was a first for me: veering off the paved path onto these storybook gravel and dirt trails that twisted and turned through the forest.

Chirri & Chirra is one of my favorite children’s book series. It’s by Japanese author and illustrator Kaya Doi. Chirri & Chirra peddle their bikes through each book and have phenomenal adventures. One story takes place in the forest, one in the tall grass, one in the snow, and one underground. “Vibrant, lively, and astonishingly sweet in a pure, unsentimental way, the books present us with relatable children, small animals, lots of food, atmosphere, and many mysteries.”


There’s even a Chirri & Chirra book that takes place under the sea!

That one hasn’t been translated into English yet, but the illustrations tell the story.

I love these books almost as much as I love riding my bike.