The Bouncy Castle


Final art for Mimi’s Treasure Trouble is coming slowly but surely.



patio furniture


Rebirth of Wonder

Rebirth of Wonder   Anne Herbst

Rebirth of Wonder Anne Herbst

When Anne emailed me some photos of her latest painting today I felt like I had just visited her studio (which is now 1,000 miles away). Isn’t it the most wonderful painting? To me, Anne’s paintings are like journal entries. This one brings to mind her beloved dog Carmen who died recently – and also the city-wide celebration of Ferlinghetti’s 100th birthday last month. The title of the painting is taken from his poem I Am Waiting.

Here is how Anne describes her painting: This painting was made by rubbing out paint as much as applying it. There are areas of built up paint as well as canvas showing through with very subtle washes of color. I wanted to create multiple layers as Carmen transforms throughout the whirling cosmos. The egg in the center is like a star bursting open. Tracing my feet and hands represents my presence and witness of her rebirth. The colors are much more vibrant than the photo with my iPad. Working with her image allowed me to create one of my most complex paintings – my infinite love of her emboldened me. I traced a cut-out from a photograph of Carmen lying down in front of the gallery and used it as my pattern for the painting. Somehow, the spiral always finds its way into my paintings.



Walking along the ditch / 7:02 pm

Walking along the ditch / 7:02 pm

When the Moon Hits Your Eye


That’s Boris singing “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” Here at the Veranda Compound we’re working night and day on illustrations for Mimi’s next adventure: Mimi’s Treasure Trouble.


The ditch / 6:54 pm

The ditch / 6:54 pm


Looking off our balcony at Felix’s red bud tree.




Three days ago water was released from the Rio Grande into our ditch. Around here, that means spring has officially sprung.

What Riley Wore


I’m so excited about this book, written by Elana K. Arnold, and illustrated by me! It will be released on August 27, 2019.

Gender-creative Riley knows just what to wear for every occasion during a busy week with family and friends in this sweet and timely picture book from Elana K. Arnold and Linda Davick.

Riley wears whatever clothes feel right each day. On Monday, Riley feels shy and wears a bunny costume to school. On Tuesday, a scary trip to the dentist calls for a super hero cape. For a trip out with Otta and Oma, a ball gown is the perfect outfit.

This charming picture book is a gentle exploration of self-expression and source of encouragement for being true to oneself despite the expectations of others.


A Beautiful Light

The ditch trail 7:24 pm

The ditch trail 7:24 pm

Spotted from the trail this week: a coyote trotting down the path, and a llama in the field above.

Mouse Trap?


Found along the trail: This tiny trap is approximately 2 inches wide, with a horizontal ladder!



A scary emergency visit to Lovelace Hospital for Tom. In on Wednesday night, and out on Friday afternoon.