An ARC vs. The Real Thing

I’m so excited to announce that “Mimi’s Treasure Trouble” is being released today! A few of my pals thought that it had been released months ago–after all, there was a book that came out back then, wasn’t there? Yes! But that was an ARC, and this is the real deal. Here’s the diff:


ARC stands for Advanced Reader's Copy. ARCs are not the final version of the book although they should be close. The ARC is generally a paperback edition distributed early so that reviewers have time to look the book over before the real thing is released. When you put the ARC and the final version of the book side by side, you may find typos or different sequences in the ARC, or even different layouts and illustrations. The photo above (the final version of the book) shows the same spread as the photo below (the ARC). We decided after seeing the ARC, that the illustration needed to be bigger, more detailed, and that it should have bled off the page top and right.


Here’s another example of the final version, top, and ARC below:


All in all there were probably 60-70 changes made between the time the ARC was published and the real book was released.