Yeah well so what. We were having an argument in the car on Valentine’s Day.

We had decided beforehand that more than anything else, we wanted to walk on the beach on Valentine’s evening. And that after our walk, we’d pick up some of those fat sandwiches from Ocean Beach Deli. We planned to take them home and open a bottle of prosecco, and have coffee and chocolate for dessert.

I had suggested watching Manhattan. We had just seen La La Land and hated it, and I wanted to watch the same kind of movie – a romantic one – only one that was really good.

But after walking we were both tired and said things to each other that didn’t sound loving. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said finally, meaning “I’m giving up on this Valentine’s Day, for sure."

There were no places to park on the street but when we turned up Balboa there was a tiny space right on the corner. We went back and forth about whether the car would block the crosswalk or not. I said I’d stay in the car in case it did. But then I changed my mind because I wanted to go in and take a fresh look at the menu.

When we walked in the deli, there were these six guys squashed into the corner by the window. They were playing Blue Monk. Then they played Nature Boy. Then they played Last Time I Saw Janine. We experienced a spiritual whiplash. Tom changed the status of our to-go order and we sat down with our fat sandwiches and a couple of glasses of Champagne and had a Happy Valentine’s Day.