Reading With Aggles


My sister Aggles and I are 3,000 miles apart, just how we would have liked it as kids. But despite the distance, we're reading together. The book is Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days. We started twelve days before Christmas, and we read one story every night. 

In last night's story, the dog just started talking! I'm not sure how Winterson made that work, but it did, and I'm going to read it over again and see if I can fathom it.

One Christmas Aggles chose Moominland Midwinter to read together, and then we couldn't stop and ended up reading all of the Moomin books. She just reminded me that another year we read Entertaining Is Fun! by Dorothy Draper (her choice for my benefit). This year's book was my choice; next year it's up to her.