Watercolor 101, Week Three

Another great class tonight. We talked about Steph Curry and the game last Saturday. I said it was the most incredible game I had ever seen in my life and Mr. Erik agreed. When we’d finished talking about the Warriors and checked on the score, Mr. E. taught me how to draw smooth circles on my new cold pressed pad of watercolor paper – that’s the paper Norm suggested. That's the paper that's impossible for me to use. But I’d like to learn to use it so I can scan pieces of paintings and work with them digitally without having to worry about the texture. I shouldn’t say Mr. Erik taught me, but he demonstrated in front of my own eyes that what I wanted to do could be done. I noticed that he was very patient, using a dry brush to soak up the water that pooled at the edges. I like having a thin little line around the shape, and he said pigmented paint rather than Dr. Martin’s would be more likely to make that line happen.