Liver Lover

Well, msmushly finally turned in her birthday ticket and I was obliged to take her to lunch. Precita Park Cafe was our destination and Siri got me there without any major mishaps other than one wrong exit (onto 80 headed toward the Bay Bridge). But that was my fault, not Siri's. My mind was wandering, wondering, "Should I have lunch or should I have breakfast?" We both settled for breakfast. Thank goodness msmushly did not try to order liver. My spirit was revived after sitting and talking with this good friend.

Note to msmushly: I laugh when I think about how we met. It was ten years ago and you had arranged for Don Asmussen to come to Borders. Remember how I cornered you and begged to use your phone when it was over? I think I was the only one without a cell phone and I had no idea how I was going to get home – but I didn't care because I got to see the Bad Reporter in person. (And I met you – only I didn't realize it at the time.)