Hello Again, Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach   5:12 p.m.

Ocean Beach   5:12 p.m.

Here's what happened after I said goodbye last week:

We had a change of scene. Very early Tuesday morning we flew across the country.

This was my first view of Deb and Eric's house in Charlottesville.

On Wednesday we visited the Charlottesville Aboriginal Museum. (GASP!) We sat down and painted using Aboriginal materials. It felt like kindergarten.

We ate at Hamilton's on Thursday and then took a long walk down to Deb and Eric's hayfield. Yep, they're farmers.

Swinging by the pond and then walking home at sunset.

Next, I spent two days with Aggles. We stayed in a fancy hotel in Chattanooga. That's where we went to junior high and high school. The first night was Mom's birthday so we ordered Italian cream cake for dessert (her fave) and told Mom Stories. Later we put on our robes, got in bed, and read aloud from Moominpappa's Memoirs.

On Saturday I got to have lunch with my junior high school pal, Gwen. After lunch we walked over to the library and surprised another high school buddy, Jim.

On Monday we flew back home to the center of the universe.